• Theonedirectioner


    December 16, 2013 by Theonedirectioner

    I'm a Directioner-Boy, Jcat, Arthurer and Mixer. I love most artists which como form the X Factor. For me, the most inportant thing, is an incredible voice. Someone can be as ugly or stupod as they want, but if they have amazing voices, they're great. Although youu have to remember that an amazing voice doesn't come without sacrifice.

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  • Joja99

    my life :P

    June 10, 2013 by Joja99

    Without our 'dream life' is everything bad and we always make the wrong things:(

    why? because there are just people. who hate us, love, worship or just do not like us why? it's just so, and since you can not explain anything I'm from Germany and sometimes I get the feeling why I can not live with stars, for example Union J or One Direction or anyone else but no, every school day (except Saturdays and Sundays) or internship or work: ( it would be so much easier if we all work and learn together as the world would I will soon make for such an exchange to France, while I do not at all as there is in each country would have a friend there would be at least once before a beginning: D Although I have no idea why I'm writing this hoer but it is fu…

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  • Zarashaheera


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  • Unionjariana

    i've been suporting uj since i saw george in that fucking PERFECT audiction and fuck now i guess that everyone knows about them and i want them to be mine, i wanna be that lucky gurl that will be answered by them, i wanna be that gurl that they will follow and dm, i wanna and need to be her. they've saved my life, they make me smile when i can't not just bc they sing like angels but because they are idiots, and i got a crush on idiots i guess. And bc they are perfect and i hope one day i can be next to the singing carry you and toxic with fucking jeorge ,i wanna just stare at joshua all day, i wanna say how perfect jaymi and olli are and i wanna take sexy pics with jj. i want them to know that... they saved my life and that i love them .

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  • KashPPC

    Song Covers

    January 5, 2013 by KashPPC

    Me and my girls were thinking of doing some song covers to give us a start and we're wondering which ones to do but cannot decide...

    hopefully we can get some help from the outside... 

    so help us if you can by giving us the songs to sing... it would be the best ever.

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